2be Seguros

Belonging to the BRIB Reinsurance group, present in 6 states, we are an independent company operating in insurance, reinsurance, risk management and risk transfer.

Offering an outstanding consultancy and service to our partners and customers, through technical and professional support at all stages of analysis and monitoring, we have an excellent relationship with the Brazilian and international markets, being acknowledged by the development of bespoke and pioneering projects involving corporate risks, special segments and complex risks, in the most diverse lines of insurance and sectors of activity:


Our VALUE proposal includes:

  • Vision: encompassing the whole process and value chain with the main markets of Brazil and the world;
  • Hearing: refined so as to understand and maximize opportunities and benefits for all stakeholders;
  • Longevity: Long-term partnerships in order to guarantee the continuity and sustainability of relationships;
  • Objectivity: goals, actions and plans well clear and defined;
  • Renovation: continuous and tireless.

2be Legal Services

Aware of the increasing escalation in the value of companies and businesses towards the INTANGIBLE, we have specialists and strategic partnerships, in order to provide our clients with the highest consultative and technical standard in the legal, accounting and financial areas towards the management of the demands and risks identified.

This division aims to provide customized assistance to our customers in the evaluation of their legal processes, balance sheets, value chain, with focus on the risk identification, mitigation and transfer through insurance of the following:

  • Surety and bonds;
  • Credits; Liability (D&O, E&O);
  • Financial losses due to business interruption: Loss of profit, trade disruption insurance etc;
  • Other.

This change and evolution is also linked to a strong technological bias, which has led to disruptions in these areas and, therefore, needs to be carefully monitored, using new strategies and methodologies focused on solving problems with the following premises:

  • Legal, accounting and financial platforms and know-how;
  • Customized analysis and evaluation;
  • Technology and risk management;
  • Empathy and collaboration.

2be Digital

Created to connect the traditional and the future of the insurance, reinsurance, risk management and transfer market, through the only available road: the digital.

Participating in selected investments and smart partnerships, moving toward the new platforms and bringing interactive solutions to the constantly changing business environment and life is it´s main mission.

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